JFA Automatic Louver Slotting Machine

Clean design, simple construction
The machine's neat, straightforward layout speeds up and simplifies setting-up to the required working dimensions, and makes loading easy.

    1. Workpieces are slotted in pairs.
    2. Shaping length, depth and angle are all easily and rapidly adjustable.
    3. Templates maintain accurate slot spacing. The working sequence is mechanically controlled.
    4. Idle stages for cross-rails or center rails can be set up by means of interrupters and riders.
    5. Work clamping is reliable, using quick-action clamps.
    6. The slotting drive motor is totally enclosed and dustproof, with a force-cooled outer jacket.

Features that count
Clean slot outlines - high slotting spindle speed (15.000 rpm) avoids ragged edges. Reduced setting-up and conversion times, since all controls are easily accessible and sensibly laid out. The quick-action clamps secure and release two frame elements at the same time. From this individual machine to a complete production line is a logical step, no more and no less: We will readily prepare plans for complete production-machinery systems.

Processing in pairs
Workpieces are processed automatically on the JFA louver slotting machine: after loading and starting the slotting cycle, no other operator attention is needed until the shutter side rails are finished. In a single pass, the slots in the left and right side elements for a shutter panel are produced automatically. The high spindle speed of 15.000 rpm ensures that the slot edges are never ragged. The cutter spindles descend vertically, so that the drive assemblies are always kept clear of dust and shavings.

Mechanical control cam disc
A mechanical control system with a cam disc housed in the machine base governs the automatic sequence of feed, workpiece clamping and slotting movements. This mechanical cam-control system ensures high-precision slotting and extended machine working life. Slot spacing is controlled automatically by template. Slotting can be interrupted at any point, for instance where a cross-rail occurs. The feed mechanism is automatically stopped after the final slotting action.

Slot length, depth and angle settings
The JFA automatic louver slotting machine is notable for built-in ease of control and outstanding machine accessibility all round. Two handwheels calibrated in degrees are used to preselect the desired slot angle. Only a few simple operations at a segment are needed to select the desired slot length. Precision adjustment of slot depth is simply by resetting a knurled screw.

Timber height adjustment and quick-action clamping
With the aid of the workpiece height adjuster (optional) both elements in the machine can be varied in height in a single operation. This cuts down conversion times when workpiece heights vary frequently. (Suitable only for manual-load machines.) The quick-action work clamps are operated in a single movement, and retain or release both workpieces at once; resetting to a different workpiece width ist equally rapid and straightforward.

Automatic loading
The JFA automatic louver slotting machine can run unattended if the rail timbers are fed in by an automatic magazine loader. During infeed and while slotting, the operator needs only check at intervals that the magazines contain the required number of workpieces. The advantage: one operator can mind several machines at the same time.