AG 3 Swaging Machine

The AG 3 swaging machine has been specially developed for efficient louver slat manufacture.

Each louver slat is swaged (chamfered all round) at both ends in a single operation on the AG 3. Slats treated in this manner can be pressed into the shutter or panel frames without risk of splintering. The machine can deal with soft and hard woods, resinous or exotic timber equally efficiently.

For aluminium or plastic hollow sections we can supply a suitable version on request.

Automatic Processing
On the AG 3 automatic swaging machine the complete working cycle takes place automatically: the louver slats are supplied individually from a magazine to the swaging dies, chamfered at both ends all round and ejected when finished.

When ordering the dies (2 required) please submit a specimen slat or a drawing.

More than 400 shutter panels per day
The AG 3 automatic swaging machine is capable of handling up to 80 louver slats per minute. This means that when working conditions and the machine input rate are ideal, the AG 3 can supply the louver slats for up to 400 shutter or louvered door panels in a single 8-hour working shift.

Slat lenghts between 160 and 800 mm can be set up in a few simple operations.