Götzinger HT 200 U - system Hoffmann

The machine for universal purpose

Frame and oblong hole drill - drills two levels in one set-up

Drills handrails, string boards and supports for any staircase design

Drill unit 65° to left and right side

  • Well thought-out, exact and practice-oriented stop-system

  • Particularly easy operating and smooth grid-positioning, feed and diagonal adjustment

  • Guiding systems coming up to the highest demands - solid without vibration in any position

  • Easy working drill unit (65° to left and right side), with correspondingly rotating linear laser

  • Automatic self-fixing with infinitely variable, diagonal adjustment = unique!

  • Special drill chuck - for exact, regular and smooth operating

  • Quick, easy and reliable adjustment of the two drill levels and the drill depth

  • Both drill levels with digital display

  • Two side stops offer enormous advantages, middle stop available

  • Front-stop over the whole length with position marks

  • Drill-patterns according to wooden profile - free choice within 12 mm grid - special grids available

  • Integrated dust absorber

  • Changing accessories (e.g. drill heads, mitre stops, balustrade device, side-, lenght and clamp stops) can be changed easily without using tools

  • Special equipment and accessories if required

Technical Data HT 200 U

Drill unit:
height setting: by digital display
height adjustment: 60 mm in diagonal position, 90 mm in upright position pneum. operated
drill stroke/-depth: 200 mm manually operated
diagonal adjustment: 320 mm infinitely variable and grid
rotation: 65° - 0° - 65°

tool fixing: Special chuck with quick tool change equipment