Finger joint plant

The Finger joint plant consists of a Finger joint shaper, a Glue spreader and a Finger joint press.

Finger joint shaper
You shape two workpieces simultaneously in one operation on the finger joint shaper. First insert and clamp the workpieces. The first shaping operation starts at the push of a button by the table moving downwards. Then turn the two workpieces round and clamp them again. The wooden parts are shaped on the opposite face by the table movement upwards.

Sharp tools are the prerequisite for a clean cut. In addition, precisely shaped finger joints have high joint strength.

Glue spreader
After the two workpieces have been shaped on the finger joint shaper, you spread the glue with the finger joint glue spreader. Two shaped workpieces are pressed against the stationary glue pad. The glue pads are always provided with the correct amount of glue by the wiper comb.

The finger joint glue spreader works pneumatically. The precise transfer of glue to the workpieces is remarkable. The required glue layer thickness can be regulated infinitely variably and remains constant thanks to a special system (wiper comb). Thus optimum glue usage and uniform strength of the joints is guaranteed. You can use widely differing makes of glue. Please note that a single compoment glue with a viscosity of around 2.000 cp is used.

Finger joint press
The length of the glued workpieces can be adjusted infinitely variably against a stop. When the workpiece touches the stop, the cross-cut saw is operated automatically by a pneumatic pulse. The lower part of the saw blade cover is at the same time a workpiece clamping fixture. While being cut to size, the workpiece it pressed onto the surface of the table and thus secured against recoiling.

Once the cross-cut saw has returned to its starting position, the cut to size workpiece is ejected laterally by two ejection cylinders so that the next workpiece can be pushed up immediately. The easy-running roller conveyor ensures uninterrupted transport of the workpieces.